Call me crazy


This book took 13 years and 5 days to create. In the pages to follow, expect to jump into a time capsule of sorts because I've compiled all the art I could find that I've made over the years.

I hope you're impressed and inspired because it certainly impressed and inspired me and I made it! Point is, it gives me great pleasure to give you the gift that art is.

call me crazy again

a retrospective coffee table art book from artacrobat

this book is dedicated to cassandra pryor, my mother...

march 2023

...and also to you!

I just wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude to you. Every day, I wake up with a renewed sense of purpose, knowing that I get to create and share my gift of art with all of you. And with this book, we can mutually benefit from the beauty and inspiration that we put forth into the world. My deepest desire is that each and every one of you is able to live the life you truly want, to listen to yourself and decide what you want out of life. Living beyond doubt, and enjoying every aspect of your life exactly the way you want. Let's create a life that is truly fulfilling and a masterpiece of our own design. Thank you for being a part of this journey with me!

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acrylic on canvas; high school self portrait

acrylic on canvas; painted in high school and it still brings me peace to stare at it

Charcoal on paper, Curves sketched with languid precision, Natural beauty.

Charcoal on paper, Strokes mimic the glass's sheen, Stillness captured here.

selfie; i had to capture the repeating patterned light

ink on paper, illustration Free Brittany

Charcoal on paper; squares, Shadows and subtle light interplay,

Charcoal on paper; drawn while taking a greyhound bus, Dreaming woman in motion

charcoal on paper; Eternally cycling into one, eventually

sketch book page; Odd ideas, fleshing out the female form

sketchbook page; this was to be a bornday gift but we split before the candles could be lit

sketchbook page; pencil; riff on jeff koons

sketchbook page; ink; a n african proverb states that when you see water flowing upstream, it means that someone is repaying a kindness

charcoal, ink and marker on paper; patterns and different facets of personality

oil pastel on paper; Raindrops on the glass, Reflecting prisms of light, that you dont see

sketchbook page; ink drawing; ridges hypnotically

sketchbook page; ink on paper; infinite intelligence, heart chakra, galaxy, all is one, 528hz

alcohol ink and acrylic on canvasboard; Orbiting in space, Planets dance;, Cosmic ballet show.

alcohol and ink on canvasboard; Celestial dance, trance inducing; shapes

alcohol ink and paper on canvasboard; trance inducing, Planets waltz

sketchbook page; pencil on paper; Women are like stargates

sketchbook page; charcoal on paper, binding breasts with care, an armor of confidence and pride, Her true self exposed.

sketchbook page; charcoal and pencil on paper; eyes, womb, fetus, hurricane, #9, #6, nipple

acrylic and paper on raw canvas; In garden's repose, Two women find respite here, Nature's balm and grace

ink transfer; stopping brooklyn traffic printed and erasing photo credit: courtney pryor

fabric and plaster on wooden board; Draped fabric, soft folds, Sculptural

acrylic, ink, marker and resin on canvas; Order in chaos, Entropy tamed, madness.

Amidst the chaos, Order finds a way to bloom, Harmony in flux.

Ah, my dear friend, listen closely,

For I have a thought to share with thee,

Love, while a wondrous thing indeed,

Is not the only thing that we need.

For love alone cannot quell the strife,

That plagues our world, taints our life,

To heal and make things right, you see,

Love in action is what we need to be.

It's not enough to simply feel,

Our love must be expressed, for real,

In deeds, in words, in every way,

Love in action must hold sway.

So let us not be content with love alone,

But strive to make our love be shown,

In every action that we take,

Love in action, for our world's sake.


acrylic monoprint on paper; Malleable metal,Conductor of light.

acrylic, charcoal , paper and plaster on wooden board; time spliced; now Past and present ,trinity

acrylic and paper collage on wooden box; curves-boxed in

acrylic, charcoal, and paper in wooden box; playing with shapes, color and light

acrylic on wooden board; Rainbow children, ill perceived

alcohol ink, paper collage, leaf, and resin on wooden board; Women become trees, Rooted deep, Strong, graceful, and free.

acrylic and paper collage on wooden board; playing with text and shapes

acrylic and charcoal on wooden board; teal pearlescent moon, egg, fertility, luminous luna

acrylic, paper collage and resin on wooden board; Drip by drip, rhythmic beat, Nature's metronome.

acrylic on wooden board; experimenting with painting an experience before i experience the experience

acrylic, alcohol ink and paper collage on wooden board; internal keys find peace.

ink on paper; said no one ever

Charcoal on Paper ; sketch of a "random" woman, I'd

later meet in real life

acrylic on wooden box; ode to raleigh, nc the city of oaks

acrylic on canvas; ode to durham, nc bull city

Acrylic and paper collage on wooden board; much like jazz, purely experiental

acrylic, resin and paper collage on wooden board; yellow taxi cabs

acrylic, resin and paper collage on wooden board; much like jazz, purely experimental

charcoal sketch on paper; connected via sistership

Pencil and charcoal sketch on paper; looking inwarddly always bears fruit, eventually

ink illustration on paper; i'm about to lose my mind (there are times where this is neccesarry..enjoy.

ink illustration on paper; inspired by the

movie blow and the personal historic similarities within

print of cork, acrylic, ink and resin coasters;

if eyes are the windows to the soul, then pupils are reflecting the universe

acrylic, marker, charcoal and resin on wooden board; phases of personality; irises are universes

charcoal on paper; binding scene

hand drawn illustration: logo submission for greensoboro dj, dj underground

notebook page, charcoal sketch

on paper; curious

to see the back and front simultaneously

raw canvas collage, ink, acrylic and paper collage on

canvas board;

generational wealth, made for a twitter friend's bornday

ink and paper collage on raw canvas; discerning when to run

detailed view

ink illustration on paper

acrylic on canvas; imagine the being that wields lightening and rides waves

paper, plaster and marker collage on canvas board; strong men have a splash of feminity

charcoal and acrylic on paper; inspired by a stay on a 'state mandated vacation"


paper collage and ink

on paper; remembering the beauty



art poster print; in an abundant world, everyday is payday

photograph, ink and paper collage on canvas; much like jazz, purely experimental

photograph and ink collage on paper; on the bubble

oil pastel on paper; this is the first piece of art I ever sold

ink and charcoal on canas board; Crab Sand man, for a father who wanted to immortalize his son

detailed views

hand cut vogue magazine and gravel; playing with a favorite character, lisbeth salinder

detailed view

paper and acrylic collage on cardboard; snake eyes, inner child tears

paper and ink collage on paper; those aren't clouds and that's not pee

charcoal and paper collage on wooden board; being mindful of hypnotic puppetry

alcohol ink and acrylic on paper; galactic goddess

pen and ink illustration; as seen in Corset Magazine

paper collage and acrylic on cardboard; fertile ground is best when first set aflame

acryylic and ink on canvas;

once a new yorker always a new yorker

paper, acrylic, alcohol ink, ink and plaster on canvas board; i love how each side is saying the same thing differently

paper, alcohol ink and acrylic on canvasboard; either behind the curtain

ink, paper and plaster on canvas board; how many times can we feel thankyou a day?

paper, alcohol ink and acrylic collage on canvas board; if japanese and spainash architecture had a baby

ink, acrylic and paper collage on canvas board; we're so much bigger than we appear

charcoal on paper; relase

sketchbook page pencil on raw paper; blue highlights and repetition

acrylic on canvas; theres a correlation between the spinal fluid and the flow of water

detailed view

charcoal pencil on paper; even the obelisk is a woman

detailed views

wood burning and acrylic on wooden board; channeled guidance when needed

wrinkled paper collage and acrylic on wooden block; thoughts of freedom + chained

acrylic and paper collage on canvas; freedom should be implied

acriylic and ink on canvas; let it go / let go

cut-out paper collage and acrylic on canvas board; a wise woman can oscillate between matter and energy

pencil on paper; some revere the 2spirited to be divine

charcoal on paper; curious to see what masculine and feminine would look like, enmeshed

charcoal on paper; an octopus as a hijab of sorts

pencil on paper; a sketch for tpk, a digital home for discovering your unique way of life

pencil on paper; a sketch for tpk, a digital home for discovering your unique way of life

ink on paper; it started as a doodle until her face emerged

collage on paper; powha. have you noticed the presence of explosions?

collage on paper; flaming c that also could be seen as the spark found in the golden ratio

acrylic and collage on wood board; as shown at the carrack in durham, nc; 528 hz is known as the frequency of love

acrylic on canvas board; choked or be-headed, I'm not sure which

photographed by courtney pryor at the first artacrobat solo show, 2010, greensboro, nc

ink and collage on paper; an explosion of femininity

collage and acrylic on canvas; if you allow, the people who came before can travel with you

ink on notebook paper;

self portrait

collage on paper; here's to excess; spooky transparency